Install a Chainlink Fence

chainlink fence

Adding an extra layer of security to your house is something which we all aim for. And if you think that this is something which can be difficult and expensive then we have some DIY tips through which you can do it all by yourself!

A chainlink fence serves two purposes, it allows you to see through the fence while serving as a barrier to unauthorized entry. So if you are aware of your local regulations regarding height, type and permit then let’s get started on installing a chainlink fence around your home.

Step #1: Mark the Boundary

The first step is to know the utility and property lines at which you can apply the fence. You can’t put it on your neighbor’s property and you need to plan the layout of your fence.

Each fence needs space for terminal posts, rolls of chainlink and gates. So you need to provision the space accordingly as gate and posts will occupy more space as compared to the chains.

Step #2: Digging the Holes

After the area is defined, you need to dig holes for the terminal posts especially for the terminal posts, corners and gates. This is because they are going to bear the entire weight and pressure of the fence and hence they need to be dug around 6 to 8 inches for the corner posts and 4 to 6 inches for line posts. Be sure to call Digger’s Hotline before you dig.

Step #3: Concreting the Holes

The holes need to be filled with concrete for a strong foundation. Corner and gate holes need to be filled with 6 inches of wet concrete and line holes can be added with 4 inches of gravel and tamp.

Level the surface after filling with concrete and let it dry for two to three days. Make sure that line posts are not filled up with concrete.

Step #4: Erect a Terminal Post

Step three and four will be done simultaneously! Plumb the corner posts in mid of the holes and while erecting it make sure you have checked all the measurements, spacing and height as well as after the concrete will dry up, it is difficult to set it again.

Hence you should check out on the alignment first handed to avoid any issues later. Generally the posts are required at a distance of every 10 feet but depending upon the fence size and area it may vary.

Step #5: Install the Rails

Once the concrete has setup and terminal posts are tied up, it’s time to install rails which can help in securing chainlink. Install these rails on the corner post using a carriage bolt.  Continue this installation for the remainder of fence.

Step #6: Attaching the Chain Links

The final step is to unroll the chain link and start rolling it along the outside area of the fence. Fasten the chain along the rails and continue the same till the time the fencing is complete.

If the corner posts and the rails are appropriately tied up then unrolling the chain links won’t take much of your time and effort.