Should You Steam Clean Your Carpet?

steam cleaning

For several years now, the most popular method of carpet cleaning has been steam cleaning carpet. The question is, just because steam cleaning is popular, does that mean it is the best choice for carpet cleaning?

First, let’s help better understand the process of steam cleaning in order to decide if it is the right choice for carpet cleaning for your home.

Here is the steam cleaning process:

You will need to decide if you want to rent a steam cleaning machine yourself from a hardware store or grocery store or hire a professional steam cleaner in San Antonio, TX.

In our opinion, you should not attempt DIY carpet cleaning or steam cleaning as it can lead to serious damage of carpet and require brand new installation which is extremely expensive.

Therefore, let’s assume you plan to hire a steam cleaning company.

The steam cleaner will arrive at your home and clear out your living space in order to attempt to clean the carpet. He then uses a soapy solution of chemicals and sprays it onto the surface of the carpet. Then the technician will use powerful suction equipment that sprays heated water onto the carpet and solution and then extracts the water, dirt and solution from the carpet.

Here are the problems with steam cleaning carpet.

First, the process uses chemicals and soap. You do not want to subject your home and family to chemicals if you do not have to and there are alternatives to steam cleaning that do not require chemicals. For example, Chem-Dry of Bexar County in San Antonio doesn’t use chemicals for carpet cleaning. You can learn more at their website:

The second problem is the soap. The problem with soap on carpet is that it needs to be rinsed out 100%. If any soap is left behind it will immediately attract remaining dirt and soil and new dirt and create a large, brown stain on the carpet.

This leads to the third problem with steam cleaning. The water. The soap in steam cleaning needs too much water in order to attempt to rinse it out of the carpet. Moisture is very bad for carpet.

A wet carpet can lead to mold and mildew growth in the carpet and unpleasant odors in your home. The longer a carpet is wet, the better chance it wears down and the original quality does not return.

We understand that steam cleaning is the most popular choice for carpet cleaning as there are several companies that provide the service and the cost is cheaper than some of the alternatives available.

However, when you consider you will be subjecting your home to additional chemicals and possibly hurting the carpet due to the amount of water and soap, you might want to explore different options for carpet cleaning.

We mentioned Chem-Dry above. Their service doesn’t contain chemicals and they advertise that they use 80% less water than steam cleaning. The other method is called “dry carpet cleaning”. This method requires almost no moisture at all but it is very chemical-based.